The Poets





Michelle Schaper – Kissing Cannibals


Hastywords – The Voice of Madness


Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Me    The Silence of Seven      The Ugly Truth

Fancy Shoes     Addicted   Broken Hammer    Unmade Bed


Calla Snyman – Accepting The Love I Never Got


Stephanie Ortéz – From Oppression Comes Light


Nicole Lyons – In All That I Am       Clusters      The Feast of The Fools

I Want to Be Cruel      A Poet’s Note   The Loudest Discount

Damned     Maniacs & Manics    Distorted    Bags of never again


C.b. Roberts – Wait For Me


C. Streetlights – Puppetmaster’s Burden


Jay Long – The Destination   An Open Letter to My Past

Jacqueline Cioffa – Harnessing The Madness

Charlene Trolinder – Pandora

Jason King – Drunken Ramblings    Sober Ramblings   Make It Count

The Candle and The Fire     Stand In The Fire    This Shots For You

Closed Doors & Open Hearts      Flirting With Danger

Lizzi Lewis – Broken, I love someone broken

Matthew D. Eayre – Is It Good Enough?     3am Thoughts

S.L. Heaton – Me and My Dirty Word   By My Own Admission

Abigail Zebrowski – Never Leave My Side

Natasha Alexander – Real You


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