The echo of our intent

Our voices are powerful. Our words hold energy, and when we release them, we cast our energy out in to the world to breach seawalls and break borders. Make no mistake; it will be our words that leave the echo of our intent. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Nocturnal Places

He lit my world up and left me stumbling through darkness. Find me in nocturnal places, feeding loneliness into hungry hearts. © Nicole Lyons 2017

The Destination – Jay Long

The Destination Her hands grabbed my own Both of hers barely able to hold one of mine She held onto it as if it were the net that would save her From the daily trapeze act that she dared to pull off Without any 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' No roar of the crowd but done just [...]

The Voice of Madness – Hastywords

The Voice of Madness The story started Once upon a… Midnight scream Paranoid delusions Waltzed lopsided Down dark paths Leading me deep Into its labyrinth Along the way Alice welcomed me As she skipped past She had shaved her head And had grown a tail I bid her a quick farewell Jack sat alone and [...]

Kissing Cannibals – Michelle Schaper

Kissing Cannibals She danced with delusion went frolicking with fear she didn't allow her mind to let things not there appear she could venture with a vampire or kiss a cannibal she could fly so very high because she wasn't afraid to fall she was right here in each moment, that she was alive you [...]