Nothing Will Change The World

For Fiona, and every other guardian of nothing. Nothing Will Change The World You told us to stop writing and start doing because our words mean nothing, our voices mean nothing, and nothing we say will change the world. Nothing will convince the sun that she should set on golden shoulders and rise falling over … Continue reading Nothing Will Change The World

The echo of our intent

Our voices are powerful. Our words hold energy, and when we release them, we cast our energy out in to the world to breach seawalls and break borders. Make no mistake; it will be our words that leave the echo of our intent. © Nicole Lyons 2017


If I could claw the words out of the back of my throat and give them, dripping of me, to you, we would talk of sticky hands, and the messes they make. ©Nicole Lyons 2016

Peace by Piece – Nicole on FC

  A big thank you to Feminine Collective for publishing one of my poems today. This one was a hard write but so freeing. Peace by Piece

Let It Burn – Jason King

I'm sitting outside....gazing at the night sky....counting stars....I’ve always had a love affair with’s quiet....except for the crickets....and this large dog on the other side of a fence barking at me....I bite back dammit....this makes me think also I'm actually a little excited for my nervous breakdown....I’m only half joking about this.... mainly because … Continue reading Let It Burn – Jason King