Game Night

Lines cut, lines crossed highs hit, friends lost Move left, slither right hands up, blindside Is it all just a game played in good jest, or does luck play a hand in sinking the rest? Is it all just a game determined by fate, or will you be the one left to sit in checkmate? … Continue reading Game Night

A Cosmic Disappointment

I drink and I scream and I curse the stars, and still you are here, blaring in my fucking veins. Nicole Lyons 2017

I Would Run

I feel what you feel, and I know what you know, and in another time or another place, on every other plane of existence, I would run anywhere with you.

Pocket Change – The remix

She was brilliance, a rare currency the entitled would use, but like all coins, eventually her value decreased. She became tarnished from years of being shoved deep inside pockets, spent in order to fix problems and save days. Toned up. Brilliant colours flashed in the sun, dropping bait while the sharks gambled her worth. She … Continue reading Pocket Change – The remix

Upon your arrival

Upon your arrival, peace departed; cut the brake lines and got the hell out of Dodge, with my sanity riding shotgun. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Tasting Pain – The Remix

I loved him – intensely. Throat bared, holes in the walls, sirens wailing – intensely. But god, did I love him. I knew we would end before we had even begun. But my name was blackened on his chest and confessions had been whispered at three am and I couldn’t breathe without him. And until … Continue reading Tasting Pain – The Remix


  Just for tonight let’s forget to remember how we hurled our words, like bottles filled with hate smashing against the walls of each other’s hearts, and how we delighted in the little cuts we made. Just for tonight let’s forget to remember how we poked those little cuts, grinding filth in deep, and how … Continue reading Amnesia

The colour of us

  Water is wet and grass is green and we are us... until it isn’t... and we aren’t... anymore. And that’s how it was, he and I, right from the start: peas and carrots, sand and surf, heaven and hell. We were the late night phone calls that went straight to voicemail, the last light … Continue reading The colour of us


A collaboration with the beautiful and brilliant Stephanie-Bennett-Henry He was intense. A drug. And I couldn’t get enough, no matter how much of him I consumed. He was potent and powerful and he ruined me. And I yearned to ruin. I kept going back for more. I swear if I were to rip myself open, … Continue reading Addicted