A Cosmic Disappointment

I drink and I scream and I curse the stars, and still you are here, blaring in my fucking veins. Nicole Lyons 2017

Robbing Air

I don’t want to live this life anymore, but you are pinks and deep hues, the tangerine clouds behind sunsets that giggle and puff themselves into the shape of my mother, when she slouched proudly against the cupboards that robbed my air. You are the pink of her that opened the doors on their mothers … Continue reading Robbing Air

Once Upon A Time

I am standing here, screaming, “I live, I live. I love.” and they are laughing as you dig in to this pile of bullshit, shovels full of our own wasted lives. Oh, if we all could live, right and good like stories filled with mighty conquests and happier endings. My feet are covered in this … Continue reading Once Upon A Time

Wiping Your Light

There is something in you I am unable to reach, but I feel it. I feel you. I feel your pain, and I feel your light, spilling from cupped palms placed at the foot of unworthy altars. And try as I might, I stretch and I twist to reach you, to empty your hands of … Continue reading Wiping Your Light

We and Us and I

I am so overwhelmed with the way I love you and hate you and look for you still. I am overcome with the us that never was, and the we that never existed, and I know that we, and us, and I will be better off when I close the door to this nothing, and … Continue reading We and Us and I

Filthy Things

He had a way of bringing beauty to the filthiest things, and I have yet to be as beautiful as I was with him. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Something Pure

I am tired and I just want something pure, something beautiful to burst from the filth of this sickness, this tragedy that is devouring my mind again. And all at once I feel nothing but the shriek of my soul being ripped from its bones. © Nicole Lyons 2017