To Summon the Beast – A collaboration Nicole Lyons & SeA

Our shadows danced around the fire like savages before a kill, unaware that our souls were their prey. Graced without inhibitions or regard for self-preservation, we danced on. The flames licked our heathen heels, scorching flesh long into the night. The way we moved bled fevers through seared skin and cast the smells of our … Continue reading To Summon the Beast – A collaboration Nicole Lyons & SeA

The Gamblers of Souls

Some of us sell pretty versions of our ugly selves and call it truth; others fold our pretty truths into ugly lies and call it even. We are illusionists, realists, the gamblers of souls, and we all pay the poet, in the end. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Gypsy Wildfire

She will blaze through you like a gypsy wildfire. Igniting your soul and dancing in its flames. And when she is gone, the smell of her smoke will be the only thing left to soothe you. © Nicole Lyons 2016

Nicole’s Summer Soul Slam contest

    Summer Slam is on now. Polish up those submissions to be featured on The Poets, we can't wait to read them. Send your submissions to before midnight PST on August 18, 2016. Winners will be announced on August 25th and published on The Poets on The Lithium Chronicles.