Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

A couple of weeks ago I shared a poem from my book Hush on my Facebook page and my friend and fellow writer, Dena Daigle of Phoenix Ascended, stumbled onto it and wrote a stunning poem from the inspiration she got from mine and I know you'll love it as much as I do. I … Continue reading Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

Selfish On Sundays – Nicole Lyons & Rachel Finch

I wrote a poem called In Blues and Golds that was published on Sudden Denouement a few days ago and one of my dear friends, Rachel of Bruised But Not Broken, read the piece and was inspired enough to write a piece around a couple of the sections of my original poem. Upon reading Rachel's … Continue reading Selfish On Sundays – Nicole Lyons & Rachel Finch

Spirit Walk

The road is long, it's veiled in mist, the stars are cloaked tonight. The pins in my feet spun the needle in my compass, now┬áI have lost my way. I walk alone with eyes wide shut, stumbling over things unseen. The plains are hills, the hills are plains and nothing is what it seems. Into … Continue reading Spirit Walk