Kissing Souls

I wrote this for my dear friend Michelle from Soul Kissing Kissing Souls I wonder where she goes at night when the world is fast asleep. For in the morning she smells of midnight and there is stardust upon her feet. © Nicole Lyons 2017

She Is Soul and Stories – A Collaboration

Tiny stories crawl beneath her skin. Sometimes they breathe love from her heart, dropping kisses from her soul and other times they drag sadness through her core and stay hidden behind her eyes. © Michelle Schaper 2016 Until the memories find their way inside, exploding the tears through the blue, through the brown, puncturing the … Continue reading She Is Soul and Stories – A Collaboration

No – Michelle Schaper

  I often forget how damaged I am, bluffing my way through life with an over rehearsed self confidence to hide my vulnerabilities. But when I am reminded, all the tiny broken pieces of me stab the back of my eyes and my rebel heart raises its hackles like a frightened cat. Fragments of my … Continue reading No – Michelle Schaper

Kissing Cannibals – Michelle Schaper

Kissing Cannibals She danced with delusion went frolicking with fear she didn't allow her mind to let things not there appear she could venture with a vampire or kiss a cannibal she could fly so very high because she wasn't afraid to fall she was right here in each moment, that she was alive you … Continue reading Kissing Cannibals – Michelle Schaper