Wildling Child

A Must Read from Our Lady of Lust and Grace Source: Wildling Child

I Would Run

I feel what you feel, and I know what you know, and in another time or another place, on every other plane of existence, I would run anywhere with you.


  Just for tonight let’s forget to remember how we hurled our words, like bottles filled with hate smashing against the walls of each other’s hearts, and how we delighted in the little cuts we made. Just for tonight let’s forget to remember how we poked those little cuts, grinding filth in deep, and how … Continue reading Amnesia

The Bone Keeper

    I have cleaned my closet of all of the bones to make room for wispy summer dresses. I wrapped those bones in shame and tucked them deep into bags of guilt. With the strings of regret I tied the bags closed and knotted them with resentment. I lifted the bags one by one, … Continue reading The Bone Keeper

Peace by Piece

  It’s during the moments when I’m quiet that I foolishly give in to the idea of peace. I should know better by now. With every blow you laid on me, you stripped me of any chance of peace that I could have hoped for. Now the bruises have healed, the scars blended into shades … Continue reading Peace by Piece

In All That I Am – Nicole Lyons

In All That I Am If I could draw a blade across my wrist to show you that my veins clog with the sludge of ugliness, you would never again ask me, “Why are you so tired?” If I could crack open my skull to free my mind, you would see that it is not … Continue reading In All That I Am – Nicole Lyons

I Used To Love The Night

I wrote this for the brilliant Allie Burke and The OCH Literary Society. It was originally published there. I Used To Love The Night As far back as I can remember dusk and then finally twilight always held a mystical essence for me. My child’s mind was filled with make believe and possibility, but the central … Continue reading I Used To Love The Night

Delusions or brilliance?

Vibrant Ideas My mind is filled with an essence. Tales and characters ride on the cusp of almost tangible, and trust me when I tell you they are neither delusion nor hallucination, but that they are vivid and extraordinary. Thinking outside of the box makes perfect sense to me and logic seems almost crude, at … Continue reading Delusions or brilliance?

Saying Goodbye to Guilt & Shame | Embracing Balance

This is the latest post that I wrote for my Embracing Balance Blog On Psych Central. It's a big one for me, and I hope that you can take something from it as well. Saying Goodbye to Guilt & Shame | Embracing Balance.

Mental Health Warrior: Hastywords

I have been following Hastywords' blog and Facebook page for quite some time now and I am completely in awe of her honesty, sincerity, and compassion. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Hastywords is beyond talented and writes with such courage and a soul stirring voice. She opens her heart and shares her fears and what … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Hastywords