Beneath God and Sunshine

I still keep you here, buried beneath god and sunshine, hidden in the happy places I have long since forgotten. But the taste of you here, smothered under my breath, rolls in my stomach like every sad song we never danced to, and every sweat-soaked regret that walked me home at dawn. And still, I … Continue reading Beneath God and Sunshine

Like Sin & Spring

I wear her name like sin, wispy and swirling like the hem of summer dresses biting the inside of my thighs. I wear her moans like spring, heavy and wet like coats dripping why down the back of my neck. I splash in the puddles of her, the pools of her like spring and summer, … Continue reading Like Sin & Spring

Cosmic Things

I have fallen in love with far too many beautiful things - cosmic things like the way the sun shines on dying stars, and how it eclipses the wishes of forgotten souls. I have fallen in love with the wildest beasts, the ones that howl beneath full blue moons, bursting as they wait to watch … Continue reading Cosmic Things

Sad Days Are Good Days Too

I know you're having trouble breathing right now, with the weight of the world and all the things you think you need to be, wrestling on top of your chest. It can all feel so unbelievably crushing sometimes, but sad days are good days too. Lovely girl, we all have sad days, welcome yours as … Continue reading Sad Days Are Good Days Too

Chapters of Us

I want to love you better. Instead I will sign my name to the words I have thrown and the endings you have written without me, and maybe that will last longer than this cold and dark aching that breaks along my spine each time we begin another chapter of us, because no one says … Continue reading Chapters of Us

Midnight Mind

It's midnight in my mind again; my thoughts are burning and bursting like shooting stars. Every breath is another bullet exploding behind my eyes and dropping bits of wishes down the back of my neck, to die there, and dying itches, between my shoulder blades, in the spot I can never quite reach. © Nicole … Continue reading Midnight Mind

Heavy Hands

I used to wonder how I could love him; but he crept in slowly, inch by careful inch until he no longer reeked of her and the kids he never really wanted anyway. But his hands grew heavy until they left hints of him behind, and I became the one who reeked of dirty things … Continue reading Heavy Hands