January – N.R. Shepherd

    I dug up a notebook, and blew off the ashes. With my hands in my pockets, and my chin tucked to my chest, I took a stroll through the pages of opiate abuse, and lusting a harlot. Walking this gravel lane of memories, no wonder I ended up dangling from an extension cord. … Continue reading January – N.R. Shepherd

Soul Screamer

With all of my love, for Stephanie Bennett-Henry   I hear them sometimes when the moon is full She pulls cries from their throats and places them in the waves that break against the shore And they ripple through me when she is new before madness sweeps them back out to sea and I howl … Continue reading Soul Screamer

The Blooming – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

The Blooming   Call it whatever makes you feel good for turning away from the mess that I finally grew into. I own it. Took me this long to finally fit into the misunderstanding of my own eyes and the way my heart beats much deeper than the surface of a view that can change … Continue reading The Blooming – Stephanie Bennett-Henry