Upon your arrival

Upon your arrival, peace departed; cut the brake lines and got the hell out of Dodge, with my sanity riding shotgun. © Nicole Lyons 2017

This war

I fight a war within myself that I am certain will leave me with casualties. I struggle to hold on to what little I have left before it all turns to haze and vanishes forever. But I also start fires to burn memories and I fan the flames, urging them on and into no more. … Continue reading This war

Winds of Change

      I have nurtured the seeds of resistance planted in my bones long ago. Roots grown swift and mighty, a solid foundation of iron stands me firm and holds me true. Vines of resilience climb the length of my spine-straight. Blooming down arms of hope and hands of peace, raised in wait, to … Continue reading Winds of Change

That Good Life – 3am Thoughts

  I want to live a good life and in the end I want to die a good death. But somewhere in the middle of all of that I keep thinking that if we don't love enough, if we don't lift others up instead of pushing them down, then it's all just for nothing. © … Continue reading That Good Life – 3am Thoughts