Mental Health Warrior: Jeff Moat

I have not had the privilege of meeting this extraordinary man, but I can say with absolute certainty that the work that Jeff is doing is not only changing the way that Canadians think about, act towards, and treat mental health, but the entire world as well. Jeff is the President of the amazing National charity, … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Jeff Moat

Mental Health Warrior: Jean-François Claude

I am absolutely thrilled and privileged to be able to feature this brilliant advocate on The Lithium Chronicles Mental Health Warrior series. Jean-François (J.F.) Claude is the founder of The Men's Depression Education Network (Men's D.E.N.), a distinguished mental health speaker, devoted father, and a great man in general. He volunteers his time with the incredible … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Jean-François Claude

Mental Health Advocacy Issues From My Point Of View

When I first started my Facebook page, which is a mental health support and awareness page, I had no idea that it would become as popular as it has. It is by no means what one would consider huge, but the followers of the page are there for support, insight and to feel that they … Continue reading Mental Health Advocacy Issues From My Point Of View