When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

Source: When Triggers are Everywhere | Embracing Balance

So There’s this Pharmacist…

So there's this pharmacist, we'll call her Carol — because her name is Carol. Carol has a way of making me feel like a junkie every time I call in to have my scripts refilled. Every. Fucking. Time. I have never seen Carol smile, not ever, but she has a sneer like you have never seen. The woman gives [...]

Mental Health Warrior: Rachel Thompson

Empower -make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Award-winning Author Rachel Thompson is as selfless as she is courageous. Her advocacy work for sexual abuse survivors has opened the doors for countless victims to come forward and empower themselves, helping to affirm that they are not to blame [...]