the offering

I bled out and into him, for him, every time he asked. And he asked, and I withered as I bled while he watched. © Nicole Lyons 2016

Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons

This was a very cool write inspired by daily one word prompts. I challenged myself to take the last 11 days of prompts and include them all in one poem Just Deserts is the result. The word prompts were: Escape Surge Taste Vanish Enthrall Hidden Honey Buried Vanish Lurk Born A big thank you to … Continue reading Just Deserts – Nicole Lyons

Under The Sycamore

Thanks to Feminine Collective for publishing  Under The Sycamore, it was a difficult write and I am pleased with how it turned out.


  My memories of you are bittersweet now, like the punch of green apples hitting the back of my tongue. I gnash my teeth against their bite and tear them open until the sweet syrup of you drips down my throat, and I swallow what used to be us. © Nicole Lyons 2016

They take me under, sometimes

  I have never seen battles quite as terrifyingly beautiful as the ones I fight when my mind splinters and races, to swallow me into my own madness, again. © Nicole Lyons 2016

The Long Sleep – FC

I wrote this last year. It was my first attempt at prose and still one of my favourite pieces. The Long Sleep

In this space

Within the steel of her bones she will shelter you, pulling fire from her belly for your warmth. She will place you among the stars in her eyes, calling twilight to watch over you. In her heart she will build you a home, with the pieces of her soul left to you. © Nicole Lyons … Continue reading In this space

Sit pretty

              I want to be cruel. I want to lash out at everyone who has used me, and I want to do it over and over again. I want them all to know what ungrateful feels like. I want them to wear the cloak of unloved, slip into taken … Continue reading Sit pretty

the gift

    I would shed my skin to gleam bones for you, in every way you would never dare ask. And that. My want to bare souls while others skim pretty, is the only gift I have that is worthy enough, to give to you. © Nicole Lyons 2016

If I Could – Nicole on FC

A huge thank you to Julie Anderson and Feminine Collective for publishing one of my most personal pieces today. I wrote this one quite awhile back in response to people dismissing my illness. If I Could