Sometimes I feel as if I am pandering to savages, sealing my soul and selling it for an innocent kiss or a quick fix. And then I push and I shove, and I make my way to the front of the line to buy it all back from the wasted souls who look an awful … Continue reading Pandering


I have God in my words and the devil in my ear, and a sister, who keeps telling me to find my magic. © Nicole Lyons 2017 

Something Achingly Beautiful

Love was never easy because suffering was never optional. But there was something gorgeous in the act of arching backs writhing in anticipation of ripping hearts from chests, something achingly beautiful in the brutality of it all. © Nicole Lyons 2017  

Dropping Hell and Heavenly Shoes

Don’t tell me that there is no such thing as hell when your shoes are filled with heaven, you have seen me struggle with the weight of it. Come and sit a spell and let me drop hell for you to look into and we will see how quickly heaven moves you then. ©Nicole Lyons … Continue reading Dropping Hell and Heavenly Shoes

a Devil and a Deity

There is a beast in me who quakes to be worshipped. Its deep rumbling cracks the temple of me and I wait to crumble beneath it. © Nicole Lyons 2017

my nine o’clock

You are my nine o'clock summer sunset. The scent of honeysuckle and sweet pea breezing through the bones of trees and in through my open window. © Nicole Lyons 2016

sinister lovers

I have come to believe that death and insomnia are the most sinister lovers For it is only at 3am when I am restless that my body aches with phantom pains and your ghost returns to torment my mind © Nicole Lyons 2016

An Unlikely Compass

It was during my darkest moments when I understood that sometimes the light is found in the most unlikely places. Never forget the ones who would choose to light your way home. © Nicole Lyons 2016

The Bone Keeper

    I have cleaned my closet of all of the bones to make room for wispy summer dresses. I wrapped those bones in shame and tucked them deep into bags of guilt. With the strings of regret I tied the bags closed and knotted them with resentment. I lifted the bags one by one, … Continue reading The Bone Keeper

Six Words

It's amazing how much can be said, or not said, in six little words.