Fade Out

Fade Out

There was a moment when the neon caught the silver that I thought to myself, This is going to make a wicked mess. But the lights went down and everything faded to black. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Soul Screamer

With all of my love, for Stephanie Bennett-Henry   I hear them sometimes when the moon is full She pulls cries from their throats and places them in the waves that break against the shore And they ripple through me when she is new before madness sweeps them back out to sea and I howl [...]

of Maniacs and Manics

You understand words like, empty, dry, and nothing but you’ll never know what hollow feels like because your mind will never take you under. It won’t swallow the smile from your daughter’s face before it ever reaches your eyes. You understand words like, full, vibrant, and ecstasy but you’ll never know what euphoria feels like [...]