Keep One In The Chamber – Nicole on FC

This poem was featured on Feminine Collective today and I offer many thanks to Julie for publishing it. I was hesitant to publish it but I think it's an important piece and I am very happy that she liked it as much as she did. Keep One In The Chamber - have a read here … Continue reading Keep One In The Chamber – Nicole on FC

Burning shades of red

If I could turn seething into reds and have you suck them from my tongue you would taste the way fire burns in my belly and you would wish upon your throat the soothing morning blues of a calm that moistens my lips but never quite hits the spot. © Nicole Lyons 2017


If I could claw the words out of the back of my throat and give them, dripping of me, to you, we would talk of sticky hands, and the messes they make. ©Nicole Lyons 2016