Mostly Dead Ones

You with the goddess heart and cemetery soul, of course, you are a dragon now. Every ghost you have ever loved has salted the earth with their comings and with their goings again. Breathe, woman, breathe! Wrath and fire will shoo the dead to cultivate the love. © Nicole Lyons 2018


When I was a little girl they spoke of a legend, about a wolf and a hunger, and why I should never wear red, but the moon pulled the tide and I was christened a woman, and the legend was rewritten when I became the wolf in the end. © Nicole Lyons 2018

Walking With Angels

She peddled her promises, and a story so sad, I gathered angels to sing her praises. Even the devil took a beat to cock his head and listen in admiration. But a hook that high, blazing through the night, could never bring down the sun, so I shrugged my shoulders and I heard the devil … Continue reading Walking With Angels


I want someone to taste the misery on my lips, someone to sit next to my shattered self-worth and feel the possibility of me becoming beautiful. I want someone who understands that rainy days and misty nights make for splendid scenery, who would build me a home in the middle of an everlasting rainstorm, always … Continue reading Someone

Smoke & Mirrors

Hold a mirror up to me and I will hold one up to you, and we can kiss your pretty lies and fuck my ugly truth. © Nicole Lyons 2018

It’s Only Poetry

If they ask how I was able to turn pain into beauty and bring their darkness to the light, tell them it was only poetry. Don’t tell them how your name still swirled under my tongue no matter how many times I fought to swallow it. Don’t tell them about the nights I spent locked … Continue reading It’s Only Poetry

On Poetry #3

Poetry is the loveliest art, it has a wretched way of revealing our own character when we think we are judging the poet's. © Nicole Lyons 2016