My first attempt at a creative nonfiction contest. The rules were that the piece had to be creative nonfiction, and it had to come in at 1500 words or less, I think mine was pretty close to that. Enjoy Oblivion, and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Oblivion Someone making an unsuccessful … Continue reading Oblivion

Twenty-six Pages

  Remember when I said I was going to get the pharmacist to print out every single medication I have been prescribed since 2012? Well here it is and it is a whopping 26 pages long. There is shit on here that I had to Google, absolutely no fucking clue what it was, and no recollection … Continue reading Twenty-six Pages

Support #TheLoveEffect film – ‪#‎SucidideAwareness‬ ‪

  Thank you, Jacqueline Cioffa for bringing this to my attention. Please everyone check out this original post on the Jackie's stunning site.   Source: Support #TheLoveEffect film - ‪#‎SucidideAwareness‬ ‪  

Self-Harm: The Myths & the Facts | Embracing Balance

There is always hope! Self-Harm: The Myths & the Facts | Embracing Balance.

Mental Health Warrior: Sarah Comerford

When I think of Sarah Comerford, my mind starts to race with all sorts of adjectives. I could throw around words like, wonderful, marvellous, steadfast, courageous, enchanting, and they would all apply to her. But, I think for me, Sarah represents True North; funny I know seeing how she lives in Hawaii. I say this … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Sarah Comerford

Mental Health Warrior: Stephanie Ortez

I crossed paths with Stephanie in a rather unusual way, the details of which are not important. Our first few encounters with each other were not our most shining moments, but they were part of our journey, not only in our personal recovery, but also in the amazing bond that we have forged since then. … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Stephanie Ortez

Mental Health Warrior: Gabe Howard

I have been racking my brain trying to recall when it was that I first "met" Gabe, and I just can't. It's not because it was unremarkable, it's because I just feel like I've always know him. Gabe has that way about him - he makes everyone feel like they are his buddy. He's approachable, … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Gabe Howard

Mental Health Warrior: Kitt O’Malley

I haven't known Kitt for a very long time, I was introduced to her through the brilliant Dr Walker Karrara, when I had the honor of contributing a piece on Stigmama, but I felt like I had known her for years. She is a regular contributor on Stigmama, and welcomed me with lovely comments on my … Continue reading Mental Health Warrior: Kitt O’Malley