Mental Health Warrior: Charlene Trolinder

I know Charlene as "Lorna Evol", a poet and artist whose talents can stir every emotion imaginable by her ability to put such raw sentiments into her writing. When she writes she lays her soul on that paper, and it is passionate, evocative, controversial, and true. Her words are always full of truth. As a child Charlene [...]

Mental Health Warrior: Allie Burke

I thought that this introduction was something that I would be able to bang out in mere minutes, not because Allie doesn’t deserve a well thought out and articulate intro, but because I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have struggled for over a week trying to [...]

Mental Health Warrior: Sarah Fader

I count my lucky stars every day for crossing paths with this Golden Soul. When I think of the word "advocate" Sarah Fader comes to mind. Not only is she the founder and CEO of a non-profit that I believe in with all of my heart and soul, but this woman would give you the [...]