Fancy Meeting You Here

Sometimes the memories become too much, and I wonder if you have locked me away as I have you. And if every now and again I begin kicking through the walls of your mind, overwhelming you, and if I do I wonder if you quietly surrender, or if you furiously gasp for air when the … Continue reading Fancy Meeting You Here

The filth of memories

I swear I was clean before you came blazing in, guns firing hot, bursting into me with pain so sweet that I begged for a slow death. But you stole the sweet ache from my bones and left the savage bits of you behind, spraying them all over my world. They blot out the sun, … Continue reading The filth of memories

My Christmas Story – S.L. Heaton

I wish I had something poetically profound to say about the holidays but I do not...all I have is a story. I remember Christmas when I was young...maybe 6 or 7 years old...I loved it so much...not because of all the gifts...don't get me wrong I loved the was because of the get … Continue reading My Christmas Story – S.L. Heaton