The Voice of Madness – Hastywords

The Voice of Madness The story started Once upon a… Midnight scream Paranoid delusions Waltzed lopsided Down dark paths Leading me deep Into its labyrinth Along the way Alice welcomed me As she skipped past She had shaved her head And had grown a tail I bid her a quick farewell Jack sat alone and [...]

The Ugly Truth

Stephanie Bennett-Henry and I crossed paths a few of years ago and we clicked immediately. She is the owner of the immensely popular super page, Raging Rhetoric; where she first began debuting her stunning poetry to the delight of her fans.   Stephanie is a southern girl through and through, sweet as candy, sharp as a blade, and [...]

MindTrip CROSSFIRE: Bipolar Edition #5

A section where I take one topic and hit it from two different bipolar perspectives. This is the place where we encourage you to join in on the conversation, share your experience, and let us know where YOU stand. MindTrip CROSSFIRE: BIPOLAR EDITION #5 Is Bipolar Disorder a Blessing or a Curse? Contributors: Nicole Lyons & [...]