A Cosmic Disappointment

I drink and I scream and I curse the stars, and still you are here, blaring in my fucking veins. Nicole Lyons 2017

Most Days

I don’t know if I will ever know the truth of us, and what could have been, what should have been, what will never be. But I do know I loved you and I think you may have loved me too, and most days that is enough. Nicole Lyons 2017

I Would Run

I feel what you feel, and I know what you know, and in another time or another place, on every other plane of existence, I would run anywhere with you.


For a very special sister of my soul. ElaNauSoul There she goes, with her restless heart and cool eyes, crossing stars and pulling the moon down again © Nicole Lyons 2017

A King Among Kings

He is a king among kings. Though our blood channels different currents, we collide, and combust inside of eddies. He is mine, as I am his. Our roots planted on a summer day, and fed with cakes, offered to children who believed themselves, unloved. Roots fertilized with the vomit of whys and maybes, just maybe. … Continue reading A King Among Kings

How To Love A Wanderer

I am thrilled to have one of my favourite pieces on Feminine Collective. Source: How To Love A Wanderer

Moonlight – Matthew D. Eayre

  I was asked by someone long ago what I wanted to be at two years old I wanted to be a goat, at six an FBI agent, at nine an author, at ten invisible, at eleven dead. At twelve I wanted to run away, at thirteen I wanted to be somebody's child, at fourteen … Continue reading Moonlight – Matthew D. Eayre