Love Has Never

Love has never asked to be felt; it has never once bowed its head to kiss my palms or ask me what it would take to make room for it in my soul. Love has never spent a moment gathering my dreams or getting to know me a little bit better; it never once offered … Continue reading Love Has Never

Autumn Winds and Grey Skies

When autumn winds have stolen summer’s last kiss I will find you again in my dreams; over and over past thousands of Thursdays, until I can meet you under grey skies and flaming trees. © Nicole Lyons 2017

And I Will Love You

  And I will love you. In all of the ways you should have always been loved, I will love you. I will dive headfirst into the depths of your stormy soul and drop anchors to keep you from being swept out to sea. And I will love you. In all of the ways you … Continue reading And I Will Love You