Looking at me

You keep fucking looking at me as if I haven't just swallowed your lust, as if the puddles of your pride hadn't slipped from my lips and dribbled down my chin. You keep fucking looking at me as if the taste of you didn't just try to burn a hole through my sternum and pool … Continue reading Looking at me

I Wrote It All Down

You said you loved me but I should be quiet because sometimes love rides on electric pulses carried to secret places where it burns hot and rings like church bells on Sunday morning. You wash your sheets and the guilt from your cock, you wipe the walls and your mouth and drop a clean kiss … Continue reading I Wrote It All Down

Love Has Never

Love has never asked to be felt; it has never once bowed its head to kiss my palms or ask me what it would take to make room for it in my soul. Love has never spent a moment gathering my dreams or getting to know me a little bit better; it never once offered … Continue reading Love Has Never

Love Sense in Weary Scents

I have been covered in easy kisses from uneasy lips and I know I smell weary again. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Days Gone By

I want to love you but my bones have turned to dust from days gone by, when happiness was easy and my eyes still knew how to shine. © Nicole Lyons 2017

A Review of Poetry and Pearls and Author Interview with N.R. Hart

When I think of the word, “romantic”, my mind immediately goes to N.R.Hart and her poetry. N.R.Hart is a poet who can say very much with very few words and the results are always deeply beautiful. Poetry and Pearls, is a gorgeous book, each piece in the collection follows the style of Nancy’s biggest social … Continue reading A Review of Poetry and Pearls and Author Interview with N.R. Hart

Love Notes From Humanity

I am so pleased, and very honoured, to be included in Feminine Collective's newest treasure alongside these amazing writers. "Curated with love by Feminine Collective, many from this collection have been published on the site since its beginning. Others you will read are new pieces that were written just for this collection. The writers of … Continue reading Love Notes From Humanity