I think I saw you again in the moonlight tonight, and I swear I could taste the hints of it all: the moment June whispered her goodbye and July roared in on the cusp of thunder, dripping in memories rained down on my door. It’s all just a little bit beautiful, a whole lot lonely, … Continue reading July

You’ll Look Back

It was easy for you, to pack up everything and shove it between our memories, and anything good, I used to be. It was nothing for you, to take and leave without looking back. But I am done pacing pathways down hallways in this empty shell you left behind, and I swear to God, you'll … Continue reading You’ll Look Back

A Cosmic Disappointment

I drink and I scream and I curse the stars, and still you are here, blaring in my fucking veins. Nicole Lyons 2017

No Trespassing

He pitched himself onto me, inside of me; somehow his smooth laugh and the electric blue of his necktie cut a path through the underbrush beneath my skirt, and I liked the way his jacket caught the breeze when he hung it on your no trespassing sign, and how he sighed so deeply when the … Continue reading No Trespassing

Walk With Me

  Walk with me. Walk with me through this world; hands clasped tightly, bodies at ease. Walk with me. Let us travel together to places unknown where we can fill our lungs with strange air and dip our toes into unusual waters. Walk with me. Let us climb mountains beneath the sea in search of … Continue reading Walk With Me

The Queen is Gasping

I no longer speak your name but my walk is still tall and quite jagged from the love you left inside of me. I drag my feet with the weight of it sloshing in the pit of my belly when I stroll through the market searching for that old farmer and his melons, the ones … Continue reading The Queen is Gasping

Cast That Messy Shine

I like dirty hearts and restless minds, the old souls that have known hard lives; the ones who cast the most beautiful shine. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Days Gone By

I want to love you but my bones have turned to dust from days gone by, when happiness was easy and my eyes still knew how to shine. © Nicole Lyons 2017


Oh she gets mean, mood swings like a southern twister tonguing the backside of the northern lights, before she pulls the sunrise and drops your heart onto the floor. © Nicole Lyons 2017


For a very special sister of my soul. ElaNauSoul There she goes, with her restless heart and cool eyes, crossing stars and pulling the moon down again © Nicole Lyons 2017