Scar Crossing

I am who I am and I make no apologies. My soul has always been from another place, where hearts are seen and scars are shared. There's another world somewhere waiting for me. I hear it calling in my dreams; it's calling me home. I run towards the voices, the hearts, the scars, until I'm [...]

At First Thought – Matthew D. Eayre

  The very first time your eyes met mine, there was a promise made, a guarantee given from my mind to yours that there will never be a day that I forget this moment.   There will never be a time when this moment means less because your eyes sing to mine like Etta James [...]


I stand here in gilded glory, and I watch you, while you’re looking into me - horrified. I see you, every last inch of you. I watch you waste your time wasting away, so I serve you. I feed your vile words back into your hungry mouth, and I stare – transfixed. I see you, savour [...]