Bursting Pure And Blooming

Landlocked and scraping my belly in the depths of their apologies, I learned to hold my breath in an ocean of abandonment. The bitter taste of sunny days danced upon my tongue, twisting with the weeds of their neglect before I swallowed them, and felt the tear of my lungs bursting pure, and blooming the … Continue reading Bursting Pure And Blooming

Burning shades of red

If I could turn seething into reds and have you suck them from my tongue you would taste the way fire burns in my belly and you would wish upon your throat the soothing morning blues of a calm that moistens my lips but never quite hits the spot. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Bleed me out on the side of a road

I carry them with me, little pieces I have broken off of everyone I have ever loved, and I tuck them in the empty chambers of my heart, but every now and then they ache to be released and they flee so fast they tear the walls of my heart wide open, and I am … Continue reading Bleed me out on the side of a road