Screaming At The Moon – Jason King

Screaming At The Moon – Jason King

I'm standing outside....smoking a's's cold....I'm pulling my leather jacket around me....trying to keep's not going to help....the sky is perfectly many stars out brings back memories....those damned things....I'm a child....possibly five....six....I'm down in Tennessee with my's dark like tonight....we are standing on the edge of a field....he shows me [...]

New Me: Realistic New Year’s Resolutions | Embracing Balance

Source: New Me: Realistic New Year's Resolutions | Embracing Balance

Holiday Hangover

I'm in that strange time/space vortex somewhere between Boxing Day and the New Year where I have absolutely no clue what day it is. Is it Sunday? Is it the 30th? What day is the 30th? What day of the week did Christmas fall on this year? Are we ushering in the New Year tonight? No idea.  I've [...]