Under Blades of Wings

I remember moments with him and how he made things that could never feel burst with feelings, like the day the wind felt angry against my legs, and how it blew the hem of my dress up around my knees and whipped at my thighs until my legs were as pink as the petals of [...]

A King Among Kings

He is a king among kings. Though our blood channels different currents, we collide, and combust inside of eddies. He is mine, as I am his. Our roots planted on a summer day, and fed with cakes, offered to children who believed themselves, unloved. Roots fertilized with the vomit of whys and maybes, just maybe. [...]

The Feast of The Fools

      I heard your siren call, and I calmed my wolves. Their great paws unleashing claws on the earth, biding their time, scratching their vengeance. My pack is fierce, and hungry. They feast on the lies of the self-righteous. They eat the dreams of the sanctimonious. And they swallow the pride of the [...]

Guest Post: Mom Stuff Triggers Me

The words of support that my Mom and I have received since we wrote Words From My Mom: Her Journey has been astounding, and we treasure and appreciate every one. One email that I received tore at my heartstrings and with the writer's permission I would like to post it now. To the Amazing woman who wrote [...]

Guest Post: The More Time Passes, The More I Realize

The More Time Passes, The More I Realize By Katy Young I haven’t always been vocal about my Bipolar Disorder II, but I’m slowly starting to be more outspoken about it now. I was diagnosed in October of 2012, but I didn’t fully believe it at first. I thought it was nothing but depression like [...]

Mommy Has A Bug In Her Brain

My kids will be nine and eleven this summer - this is an oldie. I wrote this blog for The International Bipolar Foundation in 2014. It explains how I first told my children about my bipolar disorder. Trying to explain Bipolar Disorder to a three year old and a five year old was one of the [...]