I Told Him No

He told me how brave I was, writing my story into a sea of stigma, how my words, my voice, would break waves and save souls, a lighthouse for the mentally ill, the distraught, the unloved. I told him no. He told me how beautiful I was, smiling sadly with eyes like burnt moons hiding … Continue reading I Told Him No


I have God in my words and the devil in my ear, and a sister, who keeps telling me to find my magic. © Nicole Lyons 2017 

More Than A Crack – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

  Ask me who I am unless you think you already know but if you think you know, don't ask me anything at all. Because if you have the mind that sums someone up based on all the ways they are not like you, I don't want to know you. So, ask me who I … Continue reading More Than A Crack – Stephanie Bennett-Henry


  There is no greater power than that of the sun, the moon, and a woman who knows her worth. © Nicole Lyons 2016

Nourish Your Soul – Shareen Mansfield

I am so pleased to welcome the brilliant and beautiful Shareen Mansfield to The Lithium Chronicles. I absolutely love Shareen and everything that she does at Open Thought Vortex, and for everyone who crosses her path. Welcome to TLC, Shareen. Nourish Your Soul by Shareen Mansfield I haven’t written much the past few months. The … Continue reading Nourish Your Soul – Shareen Mansfield

The Bone Keeper

    I have cleaned my closet of all of the bones to make room for wispy summer dresses. I wrapped those bones in shame and tucked them deep into bags of guilt. With the strings of regret I tied the bags closed and knotted them with resentment. I lifted the bags one by one, … Continue reading The Bone Keeper

Twisted Sins

I hear it spewed from the loud mouths spit-slicked with the hate I was born with, “I’d see him dead before I saw him a faggot.” I see clenched fists raised high, scarred from years of cuffs and, I will eat your young! but now, “Jesus!” as fists come down to pummel his wife again. I … Continue reading Twisted Sins

By My Own Admission #3 – S.L. Heaton

      My hair before and after medication   By my own admission...I am sick.   Unhealthy...unwell...diseased. There are literally hundreds of millions of people who suffer daily with some type of ailment. This doesn't make me special or unique in anyway...it just makes me sick.   I don't generally talk about my illnesses and … Continue reading By My Own Admission #3 – S.L. Heaton

Broken Hammer – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

  My tongue bears the weight of taste buds that look like cracked hearts spelling your name. There's a flame in my throat, burning from the feathers you plucked from the wings that once made my heart soar, but I don't choke up tears of wishing you were here. I suffocate on the weakness you … Continue reading Broken Hammer – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

By My Own Admission #2 – S.L. Heaton

  By my own admission...I am lonely...   I have been single for over three years now...I don't mind being alone. I'm comfortable in my own skin and I quite enjoy my own company...but I cannot tell a lie...it gets lonely.   I'm as independent as they come...I don't need anyone. I'm good with it … Continue reading By My Own Admission #2 – S.L. Heaton