Dragon Soul

This life hasn't been easy on me, I have learned to breathe fire, and God help any of you who would ever try to smother my flames. © Nicole Lyons 2018

All The Best Ones Are

She’s all aching sin and glorious hips, the perfect shot, a junkie’s quick fix, She’s a hit of ecstasy secretly slipped with bad intentions behind loose lips. © Nicole Lyons 2018

On The Hips of a Hurricane

I could love you less than storms or anything easy that I have ever done, but you, my hard love, I love you as the moon loves the tides, pulling and pushing for one minute only, for you to see that this life, that our life, could be extraordinary on the hips of a hurricane … Continue reading On The Hips of a Hurricane


I know, she is beautiful; all hot breath and pretty words, but she has starved her demons for a lifetime now, and those motherfuckers are hungry. © Nicole Lyons 2o18

Walking With Angels

She peddled her promises, and a story so sad, I gathered angels to sing her praises. Even the devil took a beat to cock his head and listen in admiration. But a hook that high, blazing through the night, could never bring down the sun, so I shrugged my shoulders and the devil laughed when … Continue reading Walking With Angels

Smoke & Mirrors

Hold a mirror up to me and I will hold one up to you, and we can kiss your pretty lies and fuck my ugly truth. © Nicole Lyons 2018

Beneath God and Sunshine

I still keep you here, buried beneath god and sunshine, hidden in the happy places I have long since forgotten. But the taste of you here, smothered under my breath, rolls in my stomach like the sad songs we never danced to, and every sweat-soaked regret that walked me home at dawn. And still, I … Continue reading Beneath God and Sunshine