Under Red Skies

That night we smoked cigarettes and talked of the red skies that hung over us, above right shoulders just East of town. And although it was winter and chaos danced with the blowing snow, I felt the heat of those red skies. It was somewhere inside of forty-five mile an hour winds and the second … Continue reading Under Red Skies

Breaking Beautiful

Show me what it looks like, the beautiful part of the breaking. Describe it to me in a way that lets me feel it down deep where madness decays in my bones. I need to know there's beauty somewhere in all of these pieces so I can believe in something again and know this isn't … Continue reading Breaking Beautiful

A Manic Mind

A Manic Mind Imagine if you will, the fair has come to town. Take in all of the sights and sounds, from the toddlers crying to the pre-teens, laughing. They’re running and trying to cut in line at the ride that promises the biggest thrill. You smell the deep fried donuts, french fries and cotton … Continue reading A Manic Mind