By My Own Admission #6 – S.L. Heaton

By My Own Admission #6 – S.L. Heaton

By my own taught me so many things. Lessons I will always carry with me. Like how to shut down during a disagreement because silence was so much better than the mockery of words I tried to speak out loud. You taught me to be tough…not to cry…because crying is ugly. I learned to [...]

The colour of us

  Water is wet and grass is green and we are us... until it isn’t... and we aren’t... anymore. And that’s how it was, he and I, right from the start: peas and carrots, sand and surf, heaven and hell. We were the late night phone calls that went straight to voicemail, the last light [...]

Abandoned in Wonderland – Charlene Trolinder

I wasn't born into normality. My first breath I ever took on this earth came with struggle and strife. I've only known the painful roads of life. I guess that's what contributed to the coldness of my beating heart most of my life. I wasn't a daydreamer, a wish upon a star type, because I [...]

Peace by Piece

  It’s during the moments when I’m quiet that I foolishly give in to the idea of peace. I should know better by now. With every blow you laid on me, you stripped me of any chance of peace that I could have hoped for. Now the bruises have healed, the scars blended into shades [...]