I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton

"Is this your better half?" "No, not really." In a moment I was reduced to nothing. I turned my face so you couldn't see the torment because I've never been good at hiding my feelings. The sting of nothingness was strong because I always thought I was at least something to you. You were my … Continue reading I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton

By My Own Admission #4 – S.L. Heaton

By my own admission...I am losing my faith in good karma. I have lived my life trying to be a decent human being...always. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I have always believed in giving of myself wherever and whenever possible. I always try to be a good person...a genuine human being. I have been … Continue reading By My Own Admission #4 – S.L. Heaton