Advanced Review of Blossom and Bone, Nicole Lyons

This review, oh be still my heart!
I think she may have read the wrong book….

My Screaming Twenties

When the very first poem causes you to sit back in your seat and admire the sky through the window, smiling because you have been blissfully reminded how much raw beauty and strength rests in the voices of others, you know you’re about to read one hell of a book. The beginning of Blossom and Bone is exactly as it should be. Lyons’ voice – unafraid and honest – is introduced perfectly and then she unfolds.

Lyons unfolds like wings from a chrysalis, like freshly washed bed sheets, like dirty, crumpled bed sheets, like dog-eared pages, like kept loved letters, like a tongue in a lover’s mouth, like your wildest dreams. No stone is left unturned as Lyons’ poetry delves deeper into the poet and the reader. I found myself reminiscing throughout the entire book; reminiscing about heartbreak, heartache, love, friendship, freedom, loss, sanity, insanity, the nights I’ve spent alone…

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I am A World of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl – Bronze Medal Winner in Poetry

I am thrilled to announce that my second book I am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl took home a bronze medal for poetry in The 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Awards.    You can click here to read the reviews for WORLD, and to check out all the winners.


Thank you, Hasty!



You guys, I just read an advanced copy of Nicole Lyons new book Blossom and Bone.  My mind has been swimming with inspiration all weekend.  If you don’t know who Nicole Lyons is then….


That honestly surprises me because I truly believe she is going to be the next big poet that our students are required to study in school someday.

First, I didn’t know she was a poet when I first met her.  She was a fellow mental illness blogger, advocate, woman of strength and a force to be reckoned with.  She found a great many gems in the community around her and she highlighted them in such a way that made us all want to know each other.

Now about Blossom and Bone


I don’t write much anymore but as I read each poem I was taken to my own moments, to my own…

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Peculiar Sing-song Whispers

My world has come crashing down again, but from the foot of my bed and far beyond the gates of my garden I hear you, calling to me, in peculiar sing-song whispers that keep me awake and believing we could walk away from this disaster every time we kiss, or carve our names into the … Continue reading Peculiar Sing-song Whispers

Blossom and Bone – Advance Reviews

I would like to give huge thank you, and a big shout out, to the badass writers who read an advance copy of Blossom and Bone and wrote some pretty wicked reviews, I'm truly honoured and so very happy they liked the book, and I encourage you all to check out their work, their websites, … Continue reading Blossom and Bone – Advance Reviews

Coming Sunday, September 9th from Sudden Denouement Publishing: Nicole Lyons’ Blossom and Bone

I’m very excited about this.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

“I can’t recommend this book enough. I had the honor of providing an honest review before the release, so all I can say is this: set your clocks, set a reminder on your phone. You are going to want to buy this book as soon as it hits the shelves. It belongs on every bookshelf of every person who has ever felt broken or misunderstood or afraid. Of every person who has felt love and loss and hope. Just wait until you see what Nicole Lyons has in store for you. Blossom and Bone will not disappoint. ”
Liz Newman, A Better Today Media

You can read Liz Newman’s full review of Blossom and Bone here.

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Introductions- Christine Ray

Fantastic work from Christine Ray

Blood Into Ink


I am survival
etched on my skin
in black ink
pierced through my cartilage
and lobes with silver rings and studs
I am survival
knit into my scalp
under salt and pepper hair
cropped close
when I decided I was more
than long curly locks
no one’s eye candy
I am survival
visible in the faint half-moon
scar that circles my throat
and the other that
plays connect-the-dot
between my pelvic bones
because square pegs
do not always come out
of round holes
and motherhood is not
for the faint of heart
I am survival
see the fine lines that
starburst from the corners
of my eyes
drawn by laughter
and steely determination
declaring that I am no longer
a mere girl
but a woman grown
and I have lived
I am survival
when I clutch my pen
in aching hands
ignoring the pain in each knuckle
and cut the…

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