Candice Louisa Daquin Reviews The Lithium Chronicles

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Indie Blu(e) Publishing

The thing about Nicole Lyons is …. There are too many things
about Nicole Lyons and nothing about her is sufficient to encompass all that
she is and will be.

She’s more than words. But she is without doubt the fiery
mistress of words. She knows the power within words. She knows the spells behind
words. She can inhabit a word and possess it and then give it back to you, with
her own unique signature upon it.

How she has that mastery I don’t know, but single-handedly she’s
responsible for new genres that she alone OWNS.

So, when her publishers send me an advance copy of The
Lithium Chronicles Vol. 1., to review, I get a little light-headed and vacillate
between two tactics; Going completely fan-girl overboard and trying to stay
professional. I think I’ll go completely fan-girl overboard.

The cover alone has a claim to magnificence. And it’s…

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The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One

We're live on Amazon! Thanks to Christine & Kindra of Indie Blu(e) Publishing for taking a chance on me. Grab your copy of The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One HERE

The Red Bench by Jacqueline Cioffa – An Advance Review by Nicole Lyons

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The Lithium Chronicles- Advance Review

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Thank you, April, this means the world.

April Lee

Note: I will unabashedly agree this review is extremely personal, and not in the least bit objective.

“I am a lover of words,
and tragically beautiful things,”

Not Entirely Broken, Never Quite Whole

Nicole Lyons’ new release, The Lithium Chronicles, [coming Spring 2019] is part collected works from previous publications and new pieces that are ripped straight from the center of her being and thrusted into ours.

It is difficult for me to review Nicole’s work, not because I find it lacking in any way, but because it presents such power and vulnerability that I’m left overwhelmed.

With a handful of words Lyons can give you a window into the haunting, often debilitating world of depression (“Depression Sleeps”) and she’ll take you on roller coaster ride that so vividly paints a portrait of mania, you’ll find yourself dizzy afterword (“My Manic Mind”).

When Nicole asked me to read and review…

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Jacqueline Cioffa’s Advance Review of The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One

"Nicole Lyons is one of the most exciting, vital poets of our generation. THE LITHIUM CHRONICLES is her most ambitious and brazen work to date, and she delivers above and beyond. Nicole’s ability to delve deep into the human psyche, unapologetic, is her gift to the world. Penning a full range of raw, honest, rage … Continue reading Jacqueline Cioffa’s Advance Review of The Lithium Chronicles: Volume One

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Sunday Brunch

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Drowning In Ink

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God Damn If I Haven’t Learned

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Love Has Never

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