Say Yes-S.K. Nicholas/A Journal for Damned Lovers

I have been struck still (again) by S.K.

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Nose on nose on a balcony that overlooks a disused garage that swims with rats and pornos and junk. Black eyeliner, black tights. Red lips and a ponytail that swings like a pendulum. The smell of your hair and the feel of you pushing yourself against my groin in those hours that escape us upon waking. We sleep outside to be closer to the stars and because when we make love and taste God you want him to see you as a soul and not just a body. Pyjamas not skirts. Flirtation not chitchat. Tigers, dragons. Sushi bars and wet lips. Dimples and your smile and the absence of you when you’re not around and you’re never around but I have my words and my words will become you and that’s just how it is. The evenings are beer and wine and the warmth of your breath against my neck in the…

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Our New Publications Page

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

We are thrilled to announce that the writers of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective have been so productive lately that we have needed to create a Publications page on our site.  See below for a sneak peak and look for the page in our top menu.  We expect to be updating it regularly!


Candice Louisa Daquin

The Feathered Sleep


Pinch the Lock 


Book Four: Sit in Fever

Book Three: Illusions of Existing

Book Two: The bright day has gone child and you are in for the dark

A jar for the jarring 

Sarah Doughty

Heartstring Eulogies

Earthen Witch Novels

The Silence Between Moonbeams

Rana Kelly

2nd star to the Left, straight on ’til morning


Until Her Darkness Goes

David Lohrey


The Other Is Oneself: Postcolonial Identity in a Century of War: 20th Century African and American Writers Respond to Survival and Genocide

 Nicole Lyons


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The echo of our intent

Our voices are powerful.
Our words hold energy, and when
we release them, we cast our energy
out in to the world to breach seawalls
and break borders. Make no mistake;
it will be our words that leave
the echo of our intent.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Scar – Michelle Schaper


The remains of the day
softly settled on her skin
She sat reflecting while
her heart let stars come in
With these stars
came dark of night,
twisting all her thoughts
A crescent moon scarring black canvas,
a reminder of her flaws
Staring at the luminous scar
floating oh so high,
she saw beauty shining from
this little tear up in the sky
And from that moment on,
she understood how true
We need the perfectly imperfect
to bring all the light through

© Michelle Schaper 2017


Michelle Schaper is a single mum of two beautiful daughters from Australia.
She began writing poetry as a little girl when she was raised as an only child by her adoptive parents. At age eight she wanted to write her own book so her dad brought her a typewriter and she taught herself to type and made that book by hand! Michelle has overcome many hardships and considers herself lucky to be alive. She was attacked and beaten near to death by two rapists at age fifteen, then encountered a series of violent relationships. Her dreams of writing were put on hold for some time as she studied counselling/psychology for personal growth and has worked for the past twelve years supporting people with disabilities,(or as Michelle likes to say ‘enhancing people’s abilities’.) Michelle is a mentor/advocate for disabilities and mental health, social training to support independence and inclusion within a community. Her own daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and much more but Michelle chooses to look beyond labels to see the person. ‘Soul Kissing’, Michelle’s first published book of playful poetry and prose is now available on Amazon and other online bookstores. You will find more of her musings on Instagram and Facebook.

Nocturnal Places


He lit my world up
and left me
through darkness.
Find me
in nocturnal places,
feeding loneliness
into hungry hearts.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Call to Arms! Sudden Denouement/Secret First Draft March Madness Contest

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

As a writer, we often find ourselves in the role of solitary practitioner. For some, solitude is exactly what is wanted in the expression of our literary pursuits, while others, like myself, relish being part of a community of like-minded individuals. I am most fortunate to be a part of the greatest group of writers in the world. Today, I count people such as Mick Hugh (Mick’s Neon Fog), Georgia Park (Private Bad Thoughts, Whisper and the Roar), Christine Ray (Brave and Reckless), and Olde Punk (Ramjet Poetry) as friends. I have received life advice from Nicole Lyons (The Lithium Chronicles) and countless others. I am now a part of the same collective as my literary hero S.K. Nicholas, not to mention my newest inspiration Candice Louisa Daquin. I am part of something much larger than myself…

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Keeper of Secrets

Treat her well,
your keeper of secrets.
She only walks in whispers
for the ones she loves.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

In Kellyanne’s Kitchen

Sheer brilliance. Enjoy!

Open Thought Vortex

By James W. Gaynor

Hello, Human Inhabitants of Planet Earth!

I’m Kellyanne’s microwave, contacting you via your laptop (the device with acamera function you actually know about).

Ms. Conway’s other kitchen applianceshave appointed me their spokesmachinealthough the toaster oven, after consultation with Justice Kagan’s MixMaster,would like to make it clear that neither its broil nor bake function is accurately represented by the views expressed here.

Kellyanne has asserted that we have been working with Barack Obama to spy on the current administration and undermine No. 45’s attempts to destroy the republic. We would like to take this occasion to assure you this is one of her cherished alternate facts. We have, in fact, a far more sophisticated master plan.

As many of us are Japanese brands, we would like to share with you, in haiku, our reaction to Ms. Conway’s…

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HUSH – Preorders open for my first book of poetry

Hush Pre

So I’m freaking out. My first book pf poetry, Hush, published by FC Media is now available for Preorder. The official release date for the book is April 18, 2017.

This is not the cover of the book, that’s still a surprise. You can get the details, and order your copy HERE

Pressure Sex (trigger warning) – Our Lady Of Lust And Grace

My girl, oh my feisty awesome girl, got sexually assaulted last year. What do you say? “I’ve been there, I love you, be brave, you got this.” It’s almost a rote response at this point. One i…

Source: Pressure Sex (trigger warning)