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HUSH written by author and poet Nicole Lyons, is a searing collection of poems that takes the reader on an emotional ride through a tunnel of mental illness and reckless love. Nicole Lyons’ voice runs the gamut from pain to ecstasy at a breakneck speed. Erotic, soulful and authentic, Nicole has written a raw memoir encapsulated in the form of poems and prose. Stepping off the cliff, delving into HUSH, readers will find themselves breathless and wanting more. HUSH is Nicole’s debut book of poetry.

Purchase your signed copy of HUSH here.

Purchase your copy of HUSH here.

Love Notes

Love Notes From Humanity is a collection of poems and prose written by 44 poets from around the globe.

It’s the complex chemistry of a blind heart and a dreamy mind.
This collection of poems takes the reader on a journey through the complexities of that simple four letter word.

The writers of these poems are award-winning Authors, Journalists, Bloggers and Activists, while others are previously unknown artists. The poems are a collective made from a global community. The authors are from Australia, Canada, Central America, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, South Africa and The United States.

Proceeds of Love Notes From Humanity, go to which helps provide vital support for suicide prevention.

Purchase your copy of Love Notes here.


Feminine Collective, Raw & Unfiltered is a collection of poems and essays about relationships, authentic, honest and at times self-deprecating and humorous. First published on from 2014 to 2015, the women (and a few men) bravely share their unfiltered realities. This collection of nonfiction essays are the voices of new and emerging writers, most of whom were unpublished before Feminine Collective. These carefully selected works represent the first of their kind, in their boldness and subject matter.

Purchase your copy of Raw & Unfiltered here.


Ever wondered what it feels like to be ostracized from your own world at the hands of stigma? This is why Stigma Fighters exists. A compilation of personal perspectives, the first volume of the Stigma Fighters Anthology features essays from real people living with mental illness from around the globe. Among the contributors is Once Upon a Time actor Michael Coleman, who speaks about living with OCD. The raw stories in this anthology are the production of the individuals who speak bravely and candidly. Stigma Fighters is a non-profit mental health organization in Brooklyn, New York that seeks to give people living with mental illness a voice. Stigma Fighters has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and on Good Day New York. The organization continues to create awareness in every aspect of society through community, college education, and the arts.

Purchase your copy of Stigma Fighters here.

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