The Lithium Chronicles Hall of Fame


To be inspired is great, (1)

I am so pleased to host a variety of exceptional people here on The Lithium Chronicles. I have had the pleasure of showcasing survivors, advocates, literary geniuses, and people who want a platform to speak their mind; I am grateful for the opportunity to share such powerful stories.


Whether I am hosting a special event like the Mental Health Warrior appearances, or it’s just a Tuesday, I am always happy to help amplify someone’s voice. I owe a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by The Lithium Chronicles to share their stories.


Here are some of my featured guests that have made their way into The Lithium Chronicles Hall of Fame.




Stephanie Bennett-Henry – The Ugly Truth  &  The Silence of Seven

Allie Burke – Mental Health Warrior

Sarah Fader – Rights, Wrongs and The Sanctity of Life

Hastywords – Mental Health Warrior  &  The Voice of Madness

Rachel Thompson – Mental Health Warrior

Jackie Cioffa – MindTrip CROSSFIRE: Humanity Edition

Stephanie Ortéz –  From Oppression Comes Light

Andy Behrman – Mental Health Warrior

Debbie Peters – Words From My Mom: Her Journey

Calla Snyman – Accepting The Love I Never Got

Jason King – Drunken Ramblings  The Candle and The Fire

Matthew D. Eayre – Is It Good Enough?