The Keeper of Time

I swear to God, I am not proud of it, this wishing and unwishing, and the wishing and unwishing of more, as if that could make these things be something or nothing, or take them all away, or even add a maybe to them all. This wishing and unwishing are killing me. If I could … Continue reading The Keeper of Time

Under Your Bed

I have loved as I have never been loved, and in loving as I have never been, I have held the hands of gods and laid weeping before the closed fists of disappointment dripping with my own blood and barely skimming forgiveness. Perhaps it will come to me, this love, a love, beneath your bed, … Continue reading Under Your Bed

Among The Stars

In Memory of Gord Downie

Mind Fuck

Perhaps it wasn’t only my hair he had knotted in his fist; for upon my release I found my mind had been pulled as if it had knees on which I would beg as I crawled toward him, neck deep in a pool of silver and my name; reaching to cling to the tip of … Continue reading Mind Fuck

The echo of our intent

Our voices are powerful. Our words hold energy, and when we release them, we cast our energy out in to the world to breach seawalls and break borders. Make no mistake; it will be our words that leave the echo of our intent. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Scar – Michelle Schaper

The remains of the day softly settled on her skin She sat reflecting while her heart let stars come in With these stars came dark of night, twisting all her thoughts A crescent moon scarring black canvas, a reminder of her flaws Staring at the luminous scar floating oh so high, she saw beauty shining … Continue reading Scar – Michelle Schaper

Nocturnal Places

He lit my world up and left me stumbling through darkness. Find me in nocturnal places, feeding loneliness into hungry hearts. © Nicole Lyons 2017