Among The Stars

It was colder than usual that morning,
the way the wind was blowing just so,
I heard the sun weeping her love,
into the moon and its fading glow.

And I watched the stars as they flickered
to the beat of my broken heart,
as if someone was dancing across them
turning goodbye into a work of art.

I have heard there was a man
who walked among the stars.
Legend says he was a teller of tales,
how he could write his soul into ours.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the weak.
Legend says he whistled the truth
and encouraged those voices to speak.

I have heard  this very man
also walked among the strong.
Legend says he carried a tune
with the weight of all, they had done wrong.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the missed.
Legend says he whispered his love
and sealed it with a kiss.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the dead.
Legend says he penned lullabies
to sing those souls to bed.

And so the story goes
about this man and his many stars,
and how he no longer walks among us
but he hasn’t gone very far.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

In Memory of Gord Downie

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Mind Fuck


Perhaps it wasn’t
only my hair
he had knotted
in his fist;
for upon my release
I found my mind
had been pulled
as if it had knees
on which I would beg
as I crawled toward him,
neck deep in a pool
of silver and my name;
reaching to cling
to the tip
of his forked tongue.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

The echo of our intent

Our voices are powerful.
Our words hold energy, and when
we release them, we cast our energy
out in to the world to breach seawalls
and break borders. Make no mistake;
it will be our words that leave
the echo of our intent.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Scar – Michelle Schaper


The remains of the day
softly settled on her skin
She sat reflecting while
her heart let stars come in
With these stars
came dark of night,
twisting all her thoughts
A crescent moon scarring black canvas,
a reminder of her flaws
Staring at the luminous scar
floating oh so high,
she saw beauty shining from
this little tear up in the sky
And from that moment on,
she understood how true
We need the perfectly imperfect
to bring all the light through

© Michelle Schaper 2017


Michelle Schaper is a single mum of two beautiful daughters from Australia.
She began writing poetry as a little girl when she was raised as an only child by her adoptive parents. At age eight she wanted to write her own book so her dad brought her a typewriter and she taught herself to type and made that book by hand! Michelle has overcome many hardships and considers herself lucky to be alive. She was attacked and beaten near to death by two rapists at age fifteen, then encountered a series of violent relationships. Her dreams of writing were put on hold for some time as she studied counselling/psychology for personal growth and has worked for the past twelve years supporting people with disabilities,(or as Michelle likes to say ‘enhancing people’s abilities’.) Michelle is a mentor/advocate for disabilities and mental health, social training to support independence and inclusion within a community. Her own daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and much more but Michelle chooses to look beyond labels to see the person. ‘Soul Kissing’, Michelle’s first published book of playful poetry and prose is now available on Amazon and other online bookstores. You will find more of her musings on Instagram and Facebook.

Nocturnal Places


He lit my world up
and left me
through darkness.
Find me
in nocturnal places,
feeding loneliness
into hungry hearts.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

My Tribe

I love the heavy ones.

I feel the loud ones.

And I am the chaotic ones.

The ones who scream

to be heard

over their own raging thoughts,

while the boring ones

tell them to hush…

Those are my people.


The Ugliest War of You 

Absolutely amazing. This is exceptional.


I live in a place where people say “faggot”  as causal as one would say, “hello.” A passing respectful nod from a stranger  is common, although just under his brea…

Source: The Ugliest War of You 

Over The Edge – Jason King

Jason's Truth2


Do you know you’re dying…. literally at this moment as you sit there and read this….you are closer to death….tick tick tick….this is an idea…. a thought….that I am obsessed with….because my time here is temporary….one day….just a blink….I will be dust….nothing more than a memory….it used to terrify the fuck out of me….now I embrace it….it shapes my life….how I respond to it….I have gone on about it more than once….during your commute tomorrow….you may be involved in an accident….maybe you’re going to have a heart attack in the next ten minutes….because you didn’t know….there’s a history of it in your family….seems a little morbid doesn’t it….or paranoid…what the fuck is this guys problem….he’s kind of bringing me down….I don’t want to leave my bed now….give me comfort food….but I want you to follow me down this rabbit hole….

This isn’t a new concept….there are monks that spend their time meditating on death….making peace with it….why….because it’s important….

Years ago I would read these books by an author….his name is Don Miguel Ruiz….he wrote time and time again about living in the moment….awareness….I took this all to heart…and applied it….I brought my attention to the very moment I was in….and it was amazing….the sun was brighter….the trees were a deeper green….I watched them sway in the wind….completely present in the moment….it made me realize how special each little thing is….no matter when I get to a certain place….I’m experiencing it in the now….it was a revelation….and for a moment I felt at peace….

It didn’t last….

Why you want to ask….because the world is loud….it eventually would drown out everything else….I couldn’t maintain that….so….I dove into the world….found other ways to drown the noise out….but it had to be louder….and was usually destructive….but it served a purpose….when fires start on the Savannah in Africa….it burns away acre upon acre….completely wipes out anything in its path….this was me….burn it all to the fucking ground….but….from this devastation new life springs forth….everything is made new again….in a way this is a metaphor for my life….how I am….I will set fire to it all….I became a destructive force of nature….nothing was safe….but what would happen….I would grow….fresh….until it was time to destroy what was again….like the Phoenix rising from the ashes each time….

If I’m being honest….there are times I wish I could change my nature….how I do things….I’m an impossibly impulsive creature when I know what I want….damn the consequences….I just jump….without regard if I’ll fly….this has caused me a lot of grief….but I don’t know how not to….is it a choice….yes….everything is….it goes back to my obsession with….this could be my last moment….I have this overwhelming desire to know what life has in store….and I’m willing to burn for it…..

Sometimes I think I’m a walking cliché….self-professed writer that drinks too much….smokes too much….and just….does things….always with good intentions….even when I’ve hurt people….I never mean to….but because I need to know things….and because I’m willing to jump and see what happens….sometimes people get caught in my net….because I need to see what’s there….not unlike a child touching a stove….oh I wonder what this feels like….except it’s usually someone else that gets burned….I mean well….but I forget not everyone is like me….doesn’t love the same….feel the same….where I will cannonball in to something that I feel….others may be gun shy….I can’t hold it against them….they are just being true to their nature….

I had an amazing weekend….for me….it was perfect….spent with someone that walks through my walls as if they weren’t there….I’m still not sure how to feel about that….she sees me….through my bullshit and smoke and mirrors….it’s what I crave and at the same time run from….because she could wreck me….but yet I am willing to throw myself on that grenade….she is scared….of her feelings for me….my nature is to run head first in to oblivion….hers is to run and hide….I can’t hold this against her….we are what we are….maybe she doesn’t feel as strongly for me as I do her and so she’s afraid she will hurt me because of that….perhaps she really does feel what I do….and she’s afraid that maybe she will hurt me because of that….overwhelm me….or that I may do that to her….you have to appreciate that one is willing to burn the forest down while the other is seeking solitude in it….at least I do….

No I don’t jump or strike a match easily….others have wanted me to….but that feeling wasn’t there….pieces didn’t fit….which is when I feel bad for my nature….for a minute….because I don’t want to hurt others….anymore than I want to hurt….but when I have that feeling….that rare….what is this thing….holy fuck I’m in trouble….I will go head first over the edge….why….

Because I’m dying….right now….at this very moment….I just moved closer to my end….so did you….I’m taking you with me….I’ve often thought of changing my nature….trying….but I can’t….I am the animal that I am….once I’ve set my sights on you….I know what I want….perhaps I will die to have to get it….perhaps it will be the end of life as you know it….all I know is I’m willing to find out….how can I not….this….could be the last thing I do.

© Jason King 2016

Jason King

Jason King is a storyteller, seeker of passion, hopeless romantic, cynic, and possibly completely mad. You can find more of his exquisite writing at Jason King.

Follow Jason’s journey here on The Lithium Chronicles at The Poets

Of Maniacs and Manics

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You understand words like,
empty, dry, and nothing
but you’ll never know
what hollow feels
because your mind
will never take you
It won’t swallow
the smile
from your daughter’s face
before it ever reaches
your eyes.
You understand words like,
full, vibrant, and ecstasy
but you’ll never know
what euphoria feels
when you walk body
on a wet summer’s day
into a cool room,
worlds colliding
on your skin.
You call me crazy
because I feel
but I feel sorry
for you
because you don’t.

© Nicole Lyons 2016