Sudden Denouement Anthology Interview Jasper Kerkau and Georgia Park (3 Parts)

Love me some Jasper & some Georgia!

Check out this wicked interview with some of SD’s OG ❤

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Georgia’s personal website is She is curator of, as well as being a writer/editor for Sudden Denouement. This is the first of the Sudden Denouement interviews. Our anthology is coming out in very near future. I would suggest everyone to take a minute and explore the amazing writing of Georgia Park.

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Dragon Soul

This life hasn't been easy on me, I have learned to breathe fire, and God help any of you who would ever try to smother my flames. © Nicole Lyons 2018

This Side of Midnight

I believe there is a window, mounted in mourning, hung just this side of midnight. And when we call out, through its shattered glass and torn screens, something in the universe shifts, allowing our echoes and our unfortunate words to ride the wind, and carry our secrets into the open windows of the insomniacs of … Continue reading This Side of Midnight

Nicholas Gagnier Reviews “I Am A World Of Uncertainties Disguised As A Girl” by Nicole Lyons

A huge thank you to Nicholas Gagnier for a great review of my book.

Sudden Denouement Publishing

There’s a consistent theme stretching across Nicole Lyons’ “I Am a World of Uncertainties Disguised as a Girl”. It is felt from the opening poem, “The Next Big Thing”, in which the Canadian native states,

 “Darling, I see you,
all twenty years of you,
and I will invite you to my table,
set the prettiest place for you,
to come back to me,
after you have gagged on life,
wiped your mouth
and asked for a second fucking helping”.

This feeling of violation, the siren song that has driven the #MeToo movement this last year from rock slides into a cultural avalanche, permeates and dominates every page of Girl. Even when Lyons is at her most empathetic and forgiving, gentle reminders that women still face immense challenges to be accepted in what was formerly a man’s world accompany. And at her most biting, she never abandons the readers in her…

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Meditation- Kindra M. Austin

Oh Kindra!

The woman is incredible

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Shall I ascend to solitude,
eagle high
enough to spy
Put my metal parts to practice, and
train my reason to speak in
comprehensive sentences?

I presently think in blinks of
tainted photographs
our lives a fucking flip-book filled with phony animation, as
though we’ve never been anything more than a
pair of paper dolls pretending to breathe.

The surgeon lied. I am not bionic;
should’ve demanded a synthetic heart
Mine is afflicted with fissures, and
I feel the blood leaching like so many earthworms
smothering my organs.

My body is not a temple, but a churchyard—
your burial ground, and there’s no space reserved for
me. So ascend I shall,
eagle high

Kindra M. Austin is an indie author (her books can be found here), a founding member of Indie Blu(e), and a writer/managing editor at Sudden Denouement, Blood Into Ink, and Whisper and the…

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Tell Me Something Beautiful

Tell me how the sunshine felt on your face after you dropped to your knees and swore you could no longer go on. Tell me that the warmth of its rays reached out to warm the tears from your eyes and kiss the cries from your lips. Tell me you found something beautiful in the … Continue reading Tell Me Something Beautiful

Where It Hurts

This is fucking phenomenal


I see her


days go by and I live my lies

truth sacrificed for a smile

minutes pass and I don’t look back

just walk another mile

could I take you there, is your existence dependent upon perception or is there more to your being,

is that the real you I’m seeing?


I’ve learned what I could as I fought through my dead-end-roads to land untouched by asphalt or steel cables, metaphors notwithstanding I have discovered uncharted territory inside the accepted reality.

Could I alter your vision, I would

to put broken edges to gold and silver


A secret language, he says, and explanation is requested. How can a lesson be gifted to the un-learned and un-tested? Speak you the words from where you can find truth,

your own secret language will expose the way forward.

I would linger with thee a while, milady, I would borrow…

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