Under My Wing

For Stephanie Bennett-Henry   I have never felt a smooth landing beneath my feet, nor have I ever been lucky enough to tuck one under my wing and breathe great gusts of relief as if I had been saved. I know what it's like to scrape myself and pull away from the concrete with a … Continue reading Under My Wing

On Poetry #2

    Plagiarism is the tool of a coward and a fool. © Nicole Lyons 2018

Dearest Lover

I have known you before, dear lover, sat for eons upon your knee, but in this time, sweet lover, you have been hidden away from me. And if I am to be taken from you, dearest lover, or you are to be taken away from me, would you know me again, sweetest lover or would … Continue reading Dearest Lover


As of today, I have gone five days without drinking a cup of coffee, and the state of the world would be alarming right now if I wasn’t so hell-bent on this caffeine-free suicide. But I see the world, through clearer eyes now, as some sort of self involved expert. I am almost a week … Continue reading Elixir

A Hard Thing

It is a hard thing, when a mind creeps and wanders and everything you want to say comes out as everything you have sworn you wouldn’t. It is a very hard thing when a mind, so full and so bright, turns in on itself and darkness feels like home again. It is a hard thing … Continue reading A Hard Thing

The Loudest Discount – remixed

I am black and blue; bruised from the words that have bounced off of your back and slammed into me. My swollen eyes couldn’t make your face out of a crowd, but the way your hips sway, I could see you leaving for miles. My ears burn from the muffled hypocrisy that you spew, something … Continue reading The Loudest Discount – remixed

to Drink and to See You, Again

Do I need to drink to see you again, cut myself open again, to bleed you out in a rush? You’re gone now, packed up and left again, always fucking again, until again means nothing unless I drink and I drug, again, and I split the cosmos, again. Until I scream louder, again, and faster … Continue reading to Drink and to See You, Again