Something Achingly Beautiful

Love was never easy because suffering was never optional. But there was something gorgeous in the act of arching backs writhing in anticipation of ripping hearts from chests, something achingly beautiful in the brutality of it all. © Nicole Lyons 2017  

No Trespassing

He pitched himself onto me, inside of me; somehow his smooth laugh and the electric blue of his necktie cut a path through the underbrush beneath my skirt, and I liked the way his jacket caught the breeze when he hung it on your no trespassing sign, and how he sighed so deeply when the … Continue reading No Trespassing

Fuck Fear – Jason Kynge

Fear. It conjures many images in our mind reading it. But I'm not talking about spiders or my irrational fear of opening a door; afraid someone will burst in at the same time and break my fingers. I mean those fears that come when we enter a relationship. See I had hit a wall awhile … Continue reading Fuck Fear – Jason Kynge

Love Notes From Humanity

I am so pleased, and very honoured, to be included in Feminine Collective's newest treasure alongside these amazing writers. "Curated with love by Feminine Collective, many from this collection have been published on the site since its beginning. Others you will read are new pieces that were written just for this collection. The writers of … Continue reading Love Notes From Humanity

Over The Edge – Jason King

  Do you know you're dying.... literally at this moment as you sit there and read are closer to death....tick tick tick....this is an idea.... a thought....that I am obsessed with....because my time here is day....just a blink....I will be dust....nothing more than a used to terrify the fuck out of … Continue reading Over The Edge – Jason King

Flirting With Danger – Jason King

Oh how I want to write something that will uplift the masses....offer encouragement....but I can't....that's not where I'm at....where I'm at is flirting with danger....I know this because I've been here before....many years ago....I didn't think I'd be back....but I am....dancing with nostalgia....flirting once again with old familiar friends....the ones that never leave me....only … Continue reading Flirting With Danger – Jason King

By My Own Admission #2 – S.L. Heaton

  By my own admission...I am lonely...   I have been single for over three years now...I don't mind being alone. I'm comfortable in my own skin and I quite enjoy my own company...but I cannot tell a gets lonely.   I'm as independent as they come...I don't need anyone. I'm good with it … Continue reading By My Own Admission #2 – S.L. Heaton