It's an awesome thing, the becoming of you, and you are bound to make them uncomfortable; leave them to their discomfort, for you, oh you, blossom beautifully within their fires. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Blue Is The Coldest Colour

He is meek within the cracks of crystalline eyes, dodging illusions of affection and the silver strands of an icy winter web. Jumping from star crossing to star crossing, searching for the place where he once danced, carefree and cradled, in the clean warmth of her azure love. Nicole Lyons 2017

Overwhelmingly Underwhelmed

I am super stoked to be on the amazing Sudden Denouement today. I dig this poem. Source: Overwhelmingly Underwhelmed-Nicole Lyons/The Lithium Chronicles

Love Notes From Humanity

I am so pleased, and very honoured, to be included in Feminine Collective's newest treasure alongside these amazing writers. "Curated with love by Feminine Collective, many from this collection have been published on the site since its beginning. Others you will read are new pieces that were written just for this collection. The writers of … Continue reading Love Notes From Humanity

I Love Your Colours

Some of my strongest bonds have been forged with people who have cracked the foundation of my comfort zone. We rarely agree on things like politics and protests, but we do agree that words hold power and art saves lives. We all view life differently; through eyes coloured by our own circumstances, whether those be … Continue reading I Love Your Colours

Today is my Goddam Birthday – Dori Owen

I received a card stating this a few years ago and found it amusing enough to become my birthday theme. I am not really prone to random profane statements on my own. Do not even think about asking me how old I am. I would never tell you, anyway. I am young enough to be … Continue reading Today is my Goddam Birthday – Dori Owen

If I Could – Nicole on FC

A huge thank you to Julie Anderson and Feminine Collective for publishing one of my most personal pieces today. I wrote this one quite awhile back in response to people dismissing my illness. If I Could

At First Thought – Matthew D. Eayre

  The very first time your eyes met mine, there was a promise made, a guarantee given from my mind to yours that there will never be a day that I forget this moment.   There will never be a time when this moment means less because your eyes sing to mine like Etta James … Continue reading At First Thought – Matthew D. Eayre

The Colour of Us

  Thank you to Feminine Collective for publishing this piece.

The colour of us

  Water is wet and grass is green and we are us... until it isn’t... and we aren’t... anymore. And that’s how it was, he and I, right from the start: peas and carrots, sand and surf, heaven and hell. We were the late night phone calls that went straight to voicemail, the last light … Continue reading The colour of us