I am struck, still. This poem is beyond amazing.   BY OLDEPUNK  some of us are just broken born of dust and little disappointments bleak barrow bones and lamented jewels made of helpless tears and midnight fears saltpeter and cobwebs, nickel and ne… Source: broken



An outstanding piece on one of my favourite sites. Oldepunk is everything! Enveloped, and cresting the dusk of dawn the palace is ancient there are only shadows of ghosts in residence clinging to the false sun above my bed they sometimes whisper nonsense to hear only our … Source: Lucid



oldepunk delivers a gut punch of the wickedest sort. This is an outstanding piece of writing.

RamJet Poetry

This was inspired by my friend Georgia.  XOXO


How can I feel so much pain

yet feel nothing how many times have I been stung

yet never touched by the sting

If forever is a fever if never is never

what good is it to be this fucking clever

I know what I know and write it down to show

but no, I’m a low fellow

I cannot go

that way

what use is useless, clueless

sometimes mostly stupid and tuneless

ostensibly deranged but you knew that

so how can I feel so fucking dead

was it something that was said?

because all I suffer is in my head

but it doesn’t hurt, it’s just the pain in the rain singing my name for another go at the game and it’s such a shame that I cannot feel anything

Because if i could, you would have just broken me…..


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