Among The Stars

It was colder than usual that morning,
the way the wind was blowing just so,
I heard the sun weeping her love,
into the moon and its fading glow.

And I watched the stars as they flickered
to the beat of my broken heart,
as if someone was dancing across them
turning goodbye into a work of art.

I have heard there was a man
who walked among the stars.
Legend says he was a teller of tales,
how he could write his soul into ours.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the weak.
Legend says he whistled the truth
and encouraged those voices to speak.

I have heard  this very man
also walked among the strong.
Legend says he carried a tune
with the weight of all, they had done wrong.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the missed.
Legend says he whispered his love
and sealed it with a kiss.

I have heard this very man
also walked among the dead.
Legend says he penned lullabies
to sing those souls to bed.

And so the story goes
about this man and his many stars,
and how he no longer walks among us
but he hasn’t gone very far.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

In Memory of Gord Downie

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Her Belt

I wonder if she thought of me
when she cinched her belt,
and if she had to punch
extra holes in the leather
before she did it,
and if it was real leather
or as fake as we were.
I wonder these things,
and quickly follow up
my wondering with more,
like why I am this way,
and if I was the one
who handed her that belt
when I walked into her life
and took it from her.
Living feels hard
when death comes calling,
whispering names
that sound like yours,
but dying seems easy
when life comes calling,
shouting names
that should have been hers.
And maybe that is why
I wonder about that fucking belt
more than anything else.
That belt would have served me better,
holding up the weight of this life
she would have lived
fuller than I have.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

The Red Queen

For Shawna, may your scarlet crown always blind the fools; never forget who you are and what you deserve.


The Red Queen

She has stood before the greatest men
and they have knelt within her fires.
She forged herself a scarlet crown
from each of their desires.
She never kept them kneeling,
always thanked them for their time.
She graced them with a sweet goodbye
and gifted them a smile.
Lesser men have tried to take her crown away,
using any trick they had to try and make her stay.
But once a queen has found her crown,
a King is who she seeks.
One of grit and strength and honour
because a Queen is what he needs.
So let this be a lesson to any fool who tries,
the crown atop the Red Queen’s head
is there until she dies.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

The Queen is Gasping


I no longer speak your name

but my walk is still tall

and quite jagged from the love

you left inside of me.

I drag my feet

with the weight of it

sloshing in the pit of my belly

when I stroll through

the market searching for

that old farmer and his melons,

the ones we ate under

the bridge all of those times,

but I thumb my pockets

and fiddle with the seams

when I come up empty-handed,

but for the clear eyes

and crooked smile that

graces my lucky penny,

and I laugh knowing

the queen is gasping

when I put her back

in my pocket again.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

A Review of Poetry and Pearls and Author Interview with N.R. Hart


When I think of the word, “romantic”, my mind immediately goes to N.R.Hart and her poetry. N.R.Hart is a poet who can say very much with very few words and the results are always deeply beautiful.

Poetry and Pearls, is a gorgeous book, each piece in the collection follows the style of Nancy’s biggest social media pages. By placing each of her poems on top of stunning backgrounds she has succeeded in adding a punch of visual beauty to the already beautiful words she has written. I say it again, the book is beautiful, and if I were writing about just the aesthetics of the book, I would consider Poetry and Pearls a success, but N.R.Hart could pen her poetry on a trash bag and it wouldn’t be any less gorgeous.

The woman writes love like love should be written, powerfully and full of soul. She writes about heartache and soul mates, and poetry itself, and how all of them are gorgeous in their own way. When you read Poetry and Pearls each piece takes you to a place you have been at some point in your life, or have wanted to be and they conjure up old feelings as well as new ones.

N.R.Hart is by far one of my favourite poets, and Poetry and Pearls is by far a favourite book of mine. Divided into seasons, each piece is placed thoughtfully in the book; a journey through new love and old, heartbreak and grief and the promise that love never truly dies.

If you love poetry and beauty, Poetry and Pearls is definitely a must read for you.

An Interview with N.R.Hart

1. Tell me about your book and what inspired it?
I have been writing poetry since I was young and my dream was to create and publish one of the most beautiful and romantic poetry books I possibly could. I wanted to give my readers a format to read my poetry to express their own thoughts and feelings when they could not find the words themselves. I am a lover not a fighter but I will always fight for love. I am a true romantic at heart and this reflects in my poetry. My hope is to continue to inspire my readers, fight for love and keep romance alive with my poetry.

2. What did you edit out of this book and we will see it in another?
What an appropriate question for me because when I first started organizing my poetry for my first book, I originally included over 400 poems! I was excited to collect my poetry and have it published in a book so it was easily accessible to the reader. But I ended up having to go back and edit out over half of the poems (about 250) which were removed to make the book smaller and more manageable. Since my poetry book is unique in the fact it is in full color and it includes all my original floral posters, it was costly to produce which drove the price of the book up. To keep publishing costs down and more importantly the cost of the book, I had to make it smaller but still a good size at 240 color pages of poetry. With my next book Volume 2, I will be including many of those poems which were omitted along with many of my new ones.

3. How old were you when you read your first poem?
I was 10 years old when I read “I carry your heart” by e.e.cummings which happens to be my favorite poet and his work has been a huge influence on me to this day.

4. How old were you when you wrote your first poem?
11 years old
5. What do poorly written poems have in common?

They lack authenticity and originality. To be relatable as a writer you must write from the depths of your soul and it must be the truest reflection of self for the reader to identify and believe what you have written. You must create your own identity, your own style, your own brand, to stand out from the rest.
6. What was the hardest piece you have written and why?

A piece called “A love like that”. It is about a love that you experience once in your lifetime and the cruel realization that you may never experience love like that again. It was very difficult for me to write but I knew I had to.
7. Favorite Literary Journals?

Poetry, American Poetry, Poets and Writers, Crazy Horse Review
8. Tell us about your process Pen and paper, computer, notebooks …how do you write?

I use all of them. I mainly use my journals for rough drafts of ideas, thoughts, scraps of paper, half-written poems, words, anything that pops in my head I write it down. I then use my iPad and computer to edit my poems and create the posters.
9. What kind of creative patterns routines or rituals do you have?

My routine is I write all day and night! Any time I have an idea I will jot it down and create a poem from that first thought. I visit coffee shops and book stores and write there for scenic inspiration. But mostly, I get ideas while driving and I write at night when it is quiet.
10. What is next for N.R.Hart? Working on many projects! I am in the middle of editing for my next book “Poetry and Pearls” Volume 2, and I am also currently working on a children’s book of poetry which I am very excited about. And, I hope to write a romance novel one day!

portraits for interview TLC and A better today Media

A true romantic at heart, N.R.Hart is determined to keep romance alive with her poetry. She wants to write about what people aren’t saying. She tries to capture all the thoughts that go on inside your head and the emotions your heart is feeling, and uses her poetry to express all the things you cannot find the words for. She tries to find the words for you. Her poetry expresses feelings of love, passion, despair, vulnerability and ultimately she remains a hopeful romantic when it comes to love. Her poetry has been so eloquently described as “words delicately placed inside a storm”. Her first book “Poetry and Pearls” Volume 1 was published in 2015 and is available on Amazon. She is excited to announce she is currently working on her second poetry book “Poetry and Pearls” volume 2, and she is also working on publishing a children’s book of poetry and a romance novel in the near future!

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The Outside Doesn’t Match The In

at these worlds
inside my head,
these words
beneath my tongue.
whisper me
your secrets and I
will build beauty
from your pain
as if I was
a craftsman,
an artist,
more than
a lying fool.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Hush is now available worldwide

Hush is now available worldwide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, and The Book Depository. You can also contact most indie and chain bookstores and have them order a copy in for you. I hope you love it. Thank you again for your support.

Purchase your signed copy of HUSH here

HUSH written by Nicole Lyons, is a searing collection of poems that takes the reader on an emotional ride, through the tunnel of mental illness and reckless love. Nicole Lyons’ voice undulates from pain to ecstasy, at breakneck speed. Erotic, soulful and authentic, Nicole has written a raw memoir encapsulated in poems. Stepping off the cliff, delving into HUSH, readers will find themselves breathless and wanting more.

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Have a peek at some of the early reviews here.

Mind Fuck


Perhaps it wasn’t
only my hair
he had knotted
in his fist;
for upon my release
I found my mind
had been pulled
as if it had knees
on which I would beg
as I crawled toward him,
neck deep in a pool
of silver and my name;
reaching to cling
to the tip
of his forked tongue.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Take me to church


It was the way
he said my name that
sent shockwaves
through my body.
A hymn on his lips
that could almost
convince God himself
to absolve us
of all of our sins.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

You’re a Very Tempting Man-Dori Owen

Welcome to SD, Dori Owen!

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