Stories Like Her

They write stories about women like her, the kind of women who smell like smoke and secrets, taste like whiskey neat and ache, always ache, for last call; the stories that are burned inside of memories and outside of libraries, the kind of stories that make even the driest bones wet and the holiest knees … Continue reading Stories Like Her

Mostly Dead Ones

You with the goddess heart and cemetery soul, of course, you are a dragon now. Every ghost you have ever loved has salted the earth with their comings and with their goings again. Breathe, woman, breathe! Wrath and fire will shoo the dead to cultivate the love. © Nicole Lyons 2018


When I was a little girl they spoke of a legend, about a wolf and a hunger, and why I should never wear red, but the moon pulled the tide and I was christened a woman, and the legend was rewritten when I became the wolf in the end. © Nicole Lyons 2018

Smoke & Mirrors

Hold a mirror up to me and I will hold one up to you, and we can kiss your pretty lies and fuck my ugly truth. © Nicole Lyons 2018

The Trouble With Hearts

This evening I woke to the sound of Spring banging her fists, full of blossoms, against my front door, and I wondered how long it has been since you smelled anything other than deep earth and the absence of rotting love. I still wake up, strung out and smelling you on my skin, thinking the … Continue reading The Trouble With Hearts

A Hard Thing

It is a hard thing, when a mind creeps and wanders and everything you want to say comes out as everything you have sworn you wouldn’t. It is a very hard thing when a mind, so full and so bright, turns in on itself and darkness feels like home again. It is a hard thing … Continue reading A Hard Thing

Like Sin & Spring

I wear her name like sin, wispy and swirling like the hem of summer dresses biting the inside of my thighs. I wear her moans like spring, heavy and wet like coats dripping why down the back of my neck. I splash in the puddles of her, the pools of her like spring and summer, … Continue reading Like Sin & Spring