Again, Darling

I have torn my wings again, darling and the blisters are raw on my feet, but I will meet you deep in the woods with nothing more than a cold heart and a fiery soul. I have been watching clocks again, darling and how flowers bloom the way seasons die, and I have been waiting … Continue reading Again, Darling

Gutting The Apartment Upstairs

From time to time, the sun will set hot on my memories and leave the cooling to a breeze that swings by my house and kicks my front door down just to tickle my lips and call us square, but I bite my lip when I stand in line, self serving at a checkout, juggling … Continue reading Gutting The Apartment Upstairs

We’re All a Little Illiterate

We wear poems on our skin; those words were carved into our bones when we were born into a world sadly lacking good poetry, and far too filled with shame to ever let us dance naked, and swing our stories from our hips. Β© Nicole Lyons 2018

A Road Less Travelled

I walk softly around the edge of it. I am afraid to breathe. My fingernails cut a path through my palms and I exhale slowly, watching the mantras I have pulled from my blood, pooling in my hands. I lift my fists to my lips and I place the chant on my tongue, loud enough … Continue reading A Road Less Travelled

Light Show

I hope this life decides to be kind to you, I hope it rings your bells and sets off fireworks in your name. I hope you’re a fucking light show. But if my hopes fall short and you are left in the dark, I hope you know you are loved, and I hope you know … Continue reading Light Show

Second Supper

There is thing in my throat, I cough and I hack, and I clear my schedule for every dead-beat dad and long lost survivor of something that is offensive right now, but it still catches; it still wiggles its way into the muck, and it sticks here, right fucking here, between the roof of my … Continue reading Second Supper


Do you remember that time when we sat together, apart from each other, worlds away? You asked me if it was okay to lay your head in my lap and I told you I would love nothing more than to run my fingers through your dreams and talk about when we could plant our gardens. … Continue reading Sunflowers