It Never Heard That

I don’t want to remember exactly how I was or who I was before you, and I know that isn’t what this world wants to hear, but it never listened to the beat of my broken heart or caught the pain in my eyes anyway. It never heard the way I hated myself when dawn … Continue reading It Never Heard That

The Keeper of Time

I swear to God, I am not proud of it, this wishing and unwishing, and the wishing and unwishing of more, as if that could make these things be something or nothing, or take them all away, or even add a maybe to them all. This wishing and unwishing are killing me. If I could … Continue reading The Keeper of Time

Bring Your Wishes

It is empty in here. This place that once felt the fire of falling stars is now cold in his fading light. So I shall invite you in and ask you to bring your wishes, and perhaps the both of us will burst like suns again.   © Nicole Lyons 2017

Under Your Bed

I have loved as I have never been loved, and in loving as I have never been, I have held the hands of gods and laid weeping before the closed fists of disappointment dripping with my own blood and barely skimming forgiveness. Perhaps it will come to me, this love, a love, beneath your bed, … Continue reading Under Your Bed

The Outside Doesn’t Match The In

Look at these worlds bursting inside my head, these words burning beneath my tongue. Quickly whisper me your secrets and I will build beauty from your pain as if I was a craftsman, an artist, something more than a lying fool. © Nicole Lyons 2017

When we were kids

we lived in small town simplicity high on the hills, and the purest air our lives were set to sunsets on old school watches second hands worn from work filled with peach pies for shy neighbours life was sweet when we were simple but so it goes how simple is complicated and filth can climb … Continue reading When we were kids

Marshmallows and Misunderstandings

If my mind should ever eat all of me, please remember the girl I tried to be. © Nicole Lyons 2017