Parasites – N.R.Shepherd

I'm on display in this snow-globe of calamity. Confetti of written emotions blow around the room. A blizzard of flies swarm my body; I'm breaking down. I can hear the rats scurry the tile and soon the dying of my love... the decomposition of my damnedest efforts... will draw them up the bedside, only to … Continue reading Parasites – N.R.Shepherd

Pretty Poison – N.R. Shepherd

    I often ran my hand, down her back, from her neck, to the tip of her vertebrae. A smooth perfection, the way the light glistened off of her scales. I admired the way she used her tongue; sexy how it flickered, tasting the air. Constrictive, how she could disengage her jaws, and swallow … Continue reading Pretty Poison – N.R. Shepherd